Understanding the Soil, Soil Testing, and How the Soil Effects Your Operation

Are you tired of hearing your MU Extension and/or Soil and Water agent constantly asking you about your soil test? Do you really know what you are looking at when you address the soil issues on the farm? Do you even really know why you take a soil test? Is the language of soils all Greek to you?

So, just how much $$ money$$ are you losing because you can’t speak the language…….. Remember, if you are only farming above the soil line then why do you really need the soil?

This is a short course designed to explain just what soil is, how it works, its potential, and its limitations, as well as how you can get it to work for you.

Register online or contact Contact us by phone at the Hickory County MU Extension Office at 417 745 6767 or Email wheelerjr@missouri.edu(opens in new window)

Cost: Free