Spring Pasture Management for Cattle- Virtual/In Person

This program will cover topics related to preparation of pastures and cattle for the spring grazing season.

Both sessions run from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Mar. 15, 2021 – Session 1: Presented by Matt Herring, Agronomy Specialist. Winter is a good time to begin implementing pasture management. Topics that will be covered include soil testing, planting legumes, reseeding pastures, fertilizer timing, evaluating options for using annuals and improving soil health.

Mar. 22, 2021 – Session 2: Presented by Kendra Graham, Livestock Specialist. This session will cover things to think about before turing cattle onto spring pastures. Topics include animal health, mineral needs, evaluation of cow condition and structure and breeding preparation. Navigation of cattle nutrition with high feed prices will also be touched on.

This event will be held face-to-face for the first 12 people that register and desire that option to allow for social distancing.

Cost: Free

Contact: Kendra Graham, grahamkk@missouri.edu, 573-756-4539